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For Agents We Offer:

  • A GREAT “Home” for real estate agents
  • Offering TWO GREAT commission schedules
  • Plus, personal attention from your broker will ensure agents of a successful real estate career.

Broker Message

John Perrault, Broker/Owner

When I interview agents especially new agents looking for a broker to sponsor them, they are amazed at the number of real estate companies that are soliciting them. As overwhelming as the decision can be of which company to join it can be even more overwhelming when you actually begin to practice real estate? Agents who join Great Real Estate, Inc. learn right away to relax, have fun, and not to worry about any part of the real estate business. Whether it is how to get an offer to become an executed contract, or what is involved in executing a successful listing presentation that gets you the listing. Whatever it may be, agents need to make sure the broker they chose has their best interest in hand so they can achieve the real estate success they desire.

Why do I tell agents not to worry? Because, I am your invisible partner that sits on your shoulder and helps, coaches, and advises you on each and every step that you will need to complete a successful real estate transaction. It is about working smarter not harder. When working with our agents I have to accomplish 2 important goals. One is confidence, and this is done by agents completing successful real estate transactions. Second is knowledge and that comes from an experienced broker and attending exclusive comprehensive workshops. This turns knowledge into dollars.

Great Real Estate, Inc. is a full service real estate company. Besides our core residential business we also service our clients with commercial property, property management, new home sales, leasing, land sales, REO’s, HUD homes, and business acquisitions. We encourage all of our agents to embrace all aspects of the real estate business.

Your broker has done over 1,000 real estate transactions and counting since 1994, has won numerous top producer awards and has been in sales management since 1983. Great Real Estate, Inc. provides the experience, knowledge, tools, and company integrity to make sure our agents achieve their real estate goals.

New Agent

Congratulations! You worked and studied hard and you just passed your state exam. There is even more good news! TREC does not charge you for your first sponsorship with your first broker. Now it is time to choose a real estate company and broker to work with. We would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you to see if Great Real Estate, Inc. is the right home for you. Please use our checklist when you compare what different real estate companies have to offer.

Full Time Agent

Is it time for a change? Full time agents looking for a new broker sponsorship will find Great Real Estate, Inc. your new Home Sweet Home. Right from the beginning agents will feel the relaxed, comfortable, and professional atmosphere when being introduced to Great Real Estate, Inc. Our goal is to give our agents the competitive edge and the 24/7 support they need to achieve their real estate goals, from tech and office support to having your broker working in the field with you. Experienced agents can see the potential for a very successful partnership between agent and broker. Here are a few of the things Great Real Estate, Inc. can offer you.

Part Time Agent

Great Real Estate, Inc. is home to many part time agents that have very specific and diversified real estate agendas. Part time agents can enjoy the financial security of their full time job, plus they can benefit greatly from the additional income they receive from their real estate business. Many part time agents would love to do real estate full time, however the financial security of their full time job is hard to leave. So part time agents with Great Real Estate, Inc. balance their full time careers with their real estate and it works. Great Real Estate, Inc. part time agents receive all the support they need to make their real estate careers successful whether they do one or ten transactions a year. There are no quotas, no hidden fees, and no desk fees just 24/7 support to help you achieve full time success. Here are some of the things we offer our agents.

Things We Provide

  • GRE, Inc. offers extensive up to date workshops that will sharpen your real estate skills for real life real estate transactions.
  • GRE, Inc. owner/broker will go on listing presentations with you.
  • GRE, Inc. owner/broker will assist you when negotiating your offers for your buyers/sellers.
  • GRE, Inc. owner/broker will assist you in the field when working with buyers.
  • Assistance from GRE, Inc. office staff in preparing listing presentations, input listings, management of listings, buyer and seller research, CMA’s create flyers, help with marketing materials, plus much more!
  • Available 24/7 for important real estate questions when you need answers right away.
  • Free real estate signs and stands.
  • Agents can have their own GRE, Inc. email address.
  • Free marketing material. Agents are encouraged to use historical property office location and all its amenities.
  • The best commission pay-out schedule– agents have 2 commission schedules to choose from.
  • E&O insurance is included in your commission split.



The Real Estate industry is changing as evidence of what is happening to commissions. Even though the 6% commission is the norm competition throughout the Real Estate industry is changing that. Companies like FOR SALE BY OWNER, 3% companies and most recently 1%commission companies are fueling the change.

In today’s market, an agent joining a major/national real estate company will find it very difficult to make a living on a 50/50 split, 60/40 split, 70/30 split or even a 80/20 split. Some of the large national real estate companies offer 100% commission, but when you factor in their monthly expenses such as; desk fee, franchise fees, copy, phone, front desk reception expenses, E&O Insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses that agents commission is greatly reduced.

The commission arrangement that we share with our agents puts almost all of the commission in your pocket. There are no hidden expenses and no surprises. Agents are only responsible for their yearly dues and local board membership dues and fees. And yes we do put everything in writing so there is no confusion. Having this commission split makes our agents extremely competitive when pursuing those listings if you need to discount from the 6% commission. Also, the extra amount of commission you keep will help you in those less productive months.

Commission Schedule

90%/10% SPLIT
Agent is paid 90% of gross commission.



Agents who come on board with Great Real Estate, Inc. will need to join Metrotex. Agents will also need to stay current with their annual and quarterly dues. The benefits of what Metrotex offers are enormous.

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